Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to my Roots

Well, I'm back in Georgia, at Fort Benning. I was born in Georgia about 2 hours away from here. I got in on Saturday, and we made our way to CRC Fort Benning, where I am processing for the deployment. Our living quarters suck, but at least it is only for a week. It's four people per room (2 bunkbed sets, 4 wall lockers) There is no privacy (shower room with shower heads sticking out of walls) and you have to make sure your stuff is always locked up so no one steals it. It's about 12-14 hour days getting everything done that needs to be.
Before I came here, I was able to spend a few days back at home for Thanksgiving! It was fantastic (even when Sharee put makeup on me when I was taking a nap:( ) Hailey and Lacey were happy to see me. And it was great to be with Sharee again, to be home and to feel normal for a while. We had Thanksgiving over at our home, and we took care of Pies and the pumpkin rolls. It was fun having almost all of Sharee's family over.
Back to being at Ft. Benning... I did medical processing this morning, which wasn't as bad as when we did it at Ft. Jackson 2 months ago. I only had to get one shot this time (Anthrax, 2nd booster). I was supposed to get Smallpox too but they didn't give it to me because I might have had a tiny patch of Eczema years ago. I'm glad about that, the smallpox shot is a nasty one to heal from. Only 3 real days of training left, since the 4th day is really just getting ready to get on the plane. It is slowly becoming more real that I am actually going to Iraq. Not scared, just a tiny bit nrevous about not knowing exactly what they will want me to be doing while there. From everyone we've talked to since being recalled, they all say that where we are going is the best place to be and that we should enjoy our time. I'll be sure to start adding pictures when I get to a place that allows you to do that kind of thing. Which probably will be when we get situated at our station. I will also be adding a link to the news reports that I do, so you all can see what I am doing over here. I'm guessing the next blog will be from Iraq, since computer access here is about a 20 min. drive away from where we are staying.

Quote of the Blog:
Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
Mark Twain


Smathers House of Girls said...

What you failed to mention is after you found out you were wearing makeup, not only did you NOT wash it off but you danced around in a tutu singing I feel pretty. OK. That didn't happen....but you probably did feel pretty. I love you! I miss you. Sleep on your back ;)

Irish said...

Oh smacky docious! i can picture you dancing around with make-up on. I can picture you dancing around with the girls in Brockton! Good to hear from you the other day. Hope things go well over there and you stay warm. I hope that the army has equipped you with the proper left handed tools. I know that using right handed things is kind of awkward, but then again, so are left handed people. Do you remember when I asked you things like "Is it weird opening the fridge with your left hand?", "Is it hard to swipe your bus card with your left hand?" Here's a new one for you. Do you think it would be easier for you to shake hands with your left hand as opposed to your right?

miss you smacky